Welcome New Clients!

Welcome to our new client page!

Here we will describe what to expect when you first arrive into our veterinary clinic!

The first step is to preregister by downloading and printing a new patient form which is available below. There is a form for dogs and a form for cats. 

Please print out the appropriate page and fill it out to the best of your ability prior to your visit. This will make your registration process quicker and easier. Bring with you copies of any relevant medical history and vaccination history. 

DogFile (pdf)


CatFile (pdf)


When you first arrive

When you enter our office

Upon entering our office, please make sure to sign in at the front desk. This will allow us to make a file for you.

Your reason for coming to our office

As soon as possible, a customer service specialist will ask you for information about your visit. This would also be a good time to give any paperwork you have from a previous vet visit.

There may be a wait

Sometimes there is a wait in our office. We do apologize for any extended period of time you may be waiting. We may be taking in an emergency ahead of you. We hope you will understand. We appreciate your patience.

While you wait

By request, you can ask for a pager or request to be texted or called when it is your turn.  You can wait comfortably in your car or outside if you prefer.

New Puppy/Kitten Visit

So you got a new puppy or kitten? Congratulations!

Please bring in any paperwork you have from a previous vet visit. Also, please bring in with you a fresh stool sample (meaning from the same day as your visit) so that we can send it out to the laboratory to be analyzed for intestinal parasites.  

Further questions?

Don't be afraid to ask one of our customer service specialist if you have any further questions.